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There are many ways to define the word 'subsistence' and the subject can be very complex.

On this site, we use it to describe a lifestyle which provides for essential living needs by utilizing natural resources via hunting, farming, fishing, gathering, etc.

small boy in garden
Man with a salmon
Sow and piglets

While not for everyone, many Alaskans understand subsistence very well and are fortunate to live in a land of such great bounty.


Native Alaskans have thrived on a subsistence lifestyle for countless generations. Many of today's native elders feel it essential to work diligently & tirelessly to impart their wisdom to their young people who, through technology, are growing up in a culture vastly different from their ancestors.


Other people in Alaska have simply made a decision to get 'back to the basics'  by shedding their lives of excess, lives of hectic schedules and overwhelming obligations--which can cause stress and, in turn, poor health. Many have opted for lives of simplicity for reasons of their own. And the rugged Alaskans who choose to live away (or occassionally get away) from the hustle & bustle of city life will indeed face many hurdles. However, the rewards are great for those strong enough to endure some hardship.


Make no mistake. By 'simple' we are in no way inferring an easy life. 

Farming in Alaska, logging, fishing, hunting, etc. can all be very labor intensive and exhausting.  But at the end of the day, one can drift into a sweet deep slumber with a great sense of accomplishment and calm, of renewed vigor and immunity, of satisfaction and balance.



A glimpse into the Alaska Subsistence lifestyle:


Links to Supporters of those who have chosen Subsistence lifestyles:

Eat Local, Alaska!!!



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