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Helpful ALASKA Links


Useful tools for getting around Alaska:

An easy-read foldable map that fits in your backpack

Detailed topographical map map book that's great for the car

A popular comprehensive guide  for readers planning a cruise to Alaska

A travel guide used often-- even by Alaskans! Detailed, mile by mile info showing far more than just roadways and services

A full-color travel guide to help you create a perfect trip from start to finish


Traveler Info / Road Conditions

by AK Dept. of Transportation

Great Reading:

Stories of long-time Alaskans who have lived lives most of us can only dream of


Exquisitely combines beautiful photography and an informative narrative into an attractive travelogue of Alaska

Peter Jenkins' account of eighteen months spent traveling over twenty thousand miles in Alaska

Additional links to sites full of fascinating information for those wishing to learn more about Alaska the Last Frontier.

Endlessly Fascinating Alaska!

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