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Made in Alaska

Native Alaskans. as well as a diverse mix of non-natives, are proud to share their unique talents by offering products which they create right here in our great state. There is a program in place titled 'Made in Alaska'  (or 'MIA' for short) to promote the sale of, and to authenticate, Alaskan made goods. The very appropriate black and white seal of a mother bear with her bear cub is unmistakable and guarantees a product to be manufactured and/or assembled in Alaska.


In order for a manufacturer to use the seal/logo, they must first apply for a permit from a Made in Alaska agent or the Office of Economic Development. The MIA program offers workshops for those interested in obtaining a permit, frequent newsletters and also listings of exhibits and shows that are chock full of MIA goods.


Extremely strict criteria must be met for a permit to be approved. The seal assures a buyer that the goods they are purchasing are truly Alaskan and made with the highest quality standards. The permit is used for all types of products - from syrups and jellies to aircraft parts; handmade Eskimo dolls to bullet-proof trailers; bamboo fishing rods to beer; leather and fur clothing to reindeer and buffalo dog treats! The list is extensive and continues to grow.


Made in Alaska Ship !

Yet another example of Alaska pride!

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