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Denali Mushing Dogs

Denali mushing dogs

Dancing Feet

dancing feet at the Saturday Market, Anchorage

fishing net

fishing net

totem pole

totem pole

Espresso Machine

espresso machine

Silouette of a fisherman

silhouette of a salmon fisherman

Docks at Alaska harbor

docks at Whittier AK on Prince William Sound

Salmon Fisherman

salmon fishing

Kayaks in Prince William Sound

kayaks, falls & seagulls in

Prince William Sound

Rusty Pier
Ice Carving

ice carving

Alaska King Crab

crab fishing is one of the most thrilling, most lucrative and most dangerous of all U.S. jobs

Docking rope

docking rope

Mushing Dog

gorgeous Denali dog

Iditarod start

See you at the finish line !

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