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Ice Art Carving by Junichi Nakamura

2009 1st Place Winner in the 'Realistic' category
"Surfacing Kingfisher" by Junichi Nakamura (Japan)
and Suguru Kanbayashi (Canada)

Alaskans are positive thinkers. Rather than balk about the weather, they take advantage of it!

A unique treat, nestled each winter in frosty Fairbanks, is the BP sponsored

World Ice Art Championships

Ice sculptors from around the globe come to display their extraordinary talents and creativity.

Locals are able to enjoy the displays for a month or so, due to the cold temperatures.

lighted ice carving

Colored lights make nighttime a magical time to visit the ice park.

Pristine ice is harvested by Ice Alaska from O'Grady Lake. These blocks of  coveted ice measure approx 4ft x 6ft each.

This is where it all begins for the artist...a vision, then a template...before long they will become 3-D wonders.

crane lifting huge ice block
men chipping out a template for their ice carving
giant ice blocks

A crane elevates ice for the single-block competition.

Ice telephone booth

Many of today's youth have never even seen a telephone booth...much less one made of ICE !!!

(and in case you're wondering,

Yes!--I does work!)

The competition is divide into 2 stages: the small block competition and the multi-block competition.  The single block contestants use one 5' x 8' x 3' block of ice while the multi-block teams use 10 blocks that are 4' x 6' x 3' each (see above). The works in progress can be viewed by the public and carving sometimes continues all through the night.

Chainsaw in block of ice

Ice & Chainsaws -- both very much a part of Alaska life.  But bring them together out!  BEAUTIFUL pieces of art take form.

ice cabin

Part of the kids' park section...this cabin has youngsters relishing the cold.

T-rex ice carving

Ch ch chh Chillyyy..  T T tt - T-REX!

Ice park entrance warning
ice slide

Few kids can boast of their 'ice slide' !!

Attached to the competition area is a kid's park with slides; life-size mazes; tunnels and other fun things.
Kid's love trying to get out of a huge saucer made of ice.

But the multi slide that lights up the hill takes the cake for adults and kids alike!

The next

World Ice Art Championships:


Feb 17 -- Mar 31, 2024



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