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ICE Fishing

ice fishing

Mankind has been fishing for eons.

And with the ease of 21st century access to information, everyone knows of the health benefits of fresh fish.

But when is the last time you, or even someone you know, headed out with a line and a hook?

While there are some Alaskans that still do subsistence fishing,

many go ice fishing for sport or a day of rest & relaxation.

Our friend Shane took us to the world-renowned

Quartz Lake ( located just north of Delta Junction, Alaska ) to try our hand at hooking a big one!

We have fished before but we had never had the pleasure of ice fishing, which is quite a different experience.


The following slide shows take you along a visual journey of our fantastic day:

Alaska DNR public use ice hut

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Contact Alaska DNR to reserve / rent your public use ice hut

They also place huts on Birch Lake, closer to Fairbanks

Every ice fishing hole has it's own visual allure:


Ice fishing hole close up

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The outdoor holes look eerily dark.

Still, you can actually see fairly deep into it.

We could see the bottom approximately 20ft below us.

A stroll around the lake to drink in the beauty of life outdoors in the Last Frontier:

Late afternoon on snow covered lake

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Sea of snow kissed by the afternoon sun

DNR Ice hut D15 Quartz Lake Alaska

So long, Quartz Lake...

Thank you, Shane, for your guidance

and a  fantastic day !

Get hooked, Alaska!

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