Antique Auto Museum

An exquisite and unexpected gem located in Fairbanks, AK is the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum.


Having opened its doors in June, 2009, it has since allowed visitors a very visual journey, back in time, to the origins of the automobile and the lifestyles that surrounded and shaped it.

With its 30,000 square feet chock full of creative displays; vintage clothing; eye-opening black & white photographs and stunningly restored vehicles--along with detailed informational placcards for each of these--it's clear that nothing is ever placed in haste. Countless added elements reflect great passion and forethought that have elevated this auto museum to the level of extraordinary.

Almost all of the cars still run and are restored & maintained in the restoration shop by a very passionate and knowledgeable museum manager -- along with his dedicated team of docents, most of whom are volunteers. They can often be seen driving (and heard honking) around the resort on summer days.

People come from all over the globe to enjoy this museum. They even have radios available, in multiple languages, for self-guided tours.


So, if you ever find yourself in Fairbanks, Alaska, be sure to set aside an entire afternoon for this amazing venue.   

Oh! And...

Don't forget your camera!