This leg is nearly 1 pound!

Henry's kitchen is HOT! HOT! HOT!

Artwork, Artifacts & Culinary Art
--all under one roof!

Henry's is a unique experience because they have managed to flawlessly blend upscale cuisine with a diverse, comfortable atmosphere. Enjoy indescribably delicious food in your jeans after work or in a suit and tie on that special night. It all works at Henry's!

The open, airy interior hosts high-back booths which offer great privacy. Located at 'ten o'clock'is a good sized bar area. Behind that is a spacious dance floor in an area adorned with coveted artwork. The main dining area is spacious and spotlights an open, immaculate kitchen. There is a smaller, separate dining area as well as a room for private parties and a patio.

The employees at Henry's are hardworking, professional and talented.

"Any one of my cooks could run a restaurant kitchen to chef level" -- Chef Roger

  This leg is nearly 1 pound!

Henry's kitchen is HOT! HOT! HOT!

Owner Raymond Le Grue is not only a seasoned restaurateur, but also a connoisseur / collector of fine Alaskan art and artifacts. The walls and showcases of the Anchorage Henry's boast many fine pieces that Ray cherishes by artists such as John Webber; Candy Hodgkins; Harvey Goodale; Tom D. Hunt and Benny Benson. Ask him about them -- he'd love to give you a tour! Many collectors seek him out in hopes of acquiring some of his gems. The Anchorage Museum of History and Art even sends students over for tours! His wife, Rene' Le Grue, has also added her artistic flare to the walls of Henry's.

Executive Chef Roger Mumm graduated from Horst Mager Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon. He honed his education in Italy and Germany and went on to become a sous chef for NASCAR . His parents were the original owners of the famous 'Ringside' steakhouse in Portland, so the industry has been in his blood since his youth. Now Roger brings his extensive knowledge to Anchorage, serving up delectable dishes at Henry's.

Henry's Great Alaskan Restaurant
8001 Old Seward Highway, Anchorage, AK 99518
 (907) 770-0500

PLEASE NOTE: The above location (where images on this site were taken) is no longer in operation.  Please visit the original location in Kodiak:

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