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On's Eggroll House

On a trek to find wild Alaska berries, we came across this quaint Thai delight. On's Eggroll House is a small, family owned and operated restaurant located just 5 minutes outside of Fairbanks -- far enough to really experience the Alaska outdoors. This quiet little restaurant is adorned with carefully manicured flowers that give it a very inviting feel. It is clear that Justin and On West, together with their son and two daughters, not only place much pride in the food that they prepare but equally delight in pleasing the customer.


"Even if we've been closed for 30 minutes, On will still serve them if they come...she won't turn anyone away" said Justin. "People said we were crazy trying to build a restaurant out here. But there are quite a few people living out here and they thank us all the time for providing for them," he added. Many people know of On's and are happy to go just slightly off the beaten path to get some of the most fantastic Thai food around.

On's Eggroll House opened May of 2007 and they were worried that they wouldn't get any customers. But they were so pleasantly surprised when they found themselves serving to a crowd that turned out to be standing room only! Just goes to show that people will flock to a great restaurant. They used to be open every day but we all need a break so they opted to close on Mondays. So now they are open, year-round, Tuesday through Sunday for take-out or dining in. Both Justin and On have green thumbs and both contribute to the beautiful surroundings. "When I met her, she was working three jobs and had no time to do any gardening. After, she dropped two of those jobs and is able to enjoy gardening once again."

While simple on the inside (there are four tables in the dining area along with a few stools at the counter in the front room) the feeling of being at home heightens the customer's dining experience. During summer months, you can enjoy your meal out on their back deck which is also decorated with flowers.

Dishes are prepared fresh and their specialty is, as you may have guessed--their egg roles. Never frozen, they are prepared with the finest ingredients. Daily specials also provide an added twist to the menu. We fully enjoyed our meal at On's and, even more, the hospitality.

On's Eggroll House
735 Sheep Creek Rd
Fairbanks, AK  99709
tel. (907) 457-4709

Things change over time --

We highly recommend calling ahead to verify location & hours of operation.

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