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Alaska !


The main owner of this website was inspired by grandparents with a passion for travel.  Shortly before passing, they had finally seen ALL 50 U.S. states.  We know it may sound silly but we find their story to be a perfect example of 'saving the best for last' since Alaska was the 50th state they visited, completing their decades-long trek of wonder and adventure. 

When asked which state was his favorite, Grandfather, with a warm smile and reflective sigh, replied,

 "ALASKA...Be sure to see Alaska before you die."

Alaska waterfall
kayaks off the coast of Alaska
Three kayaks

Well, it took a few years to be able to heed that advice. But it did happen and the owner not only fell in love--they went home, packed up and moved to Alaska!  This adventuresome spirit is a common thread among many Alaskans, by the way.

And while we at Last Frontier know that living in Alaska might not be for most, we are firm believers that a visit is an absolute must.

In this day when world travel is increasingly common and relatively easy, there's little to keep one from experiencing this great state.  There is a season and a region for any traveler's interest--from flying to a remote lodge for some sport fishing, cruising or kayaking the icy blue glacial waters, riding the rail into the Denali wilderness to glimpse 'The Great One' or strapping on a backpack and trekking the land at leisure to drink up its vastness.

Whatever reason you choose to do it, and no matter what it takes...

Follow the advice of a wise grandfather --



harbor seals

Chill Alaska!

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