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While Alaska Salmon Bake is well known in Fairbanks and mentioned by every tour guide, we still felt

that the place was worthy of mention. Providing delightful outdoor dining that is far from ordinary,

the Salmon Bake will satisfy your senses. Relax at a table under the sun in the crisp, clean, Alaskan air

while enjoying the smell of the fire pit that is perfectly preparing your salmon. After visiting the salad bar, treat

your taste buds to some halibut, cod or slow roasted prime rib!

For those who prefer shade over sun, there are picnic tables nestled among the trees along with a very spacious indoor dining area.

Enjoy a stroll around the pond, peak inside the gift shop or sit and kick back a few cold ones with friends...Alaska Salmon Bake is enjoyed by patrons of every age.


Every member of the staff that we interacted with was super friendly (without even knowing that we were going to put them on a website!)

Different pieces of mining equipment, along with posted information regarding miscellaneous mining facts add to the feel of this Alaskan experience.

After, you may stroll through the dessert and coffee cabin to wrap up your meal!

Alaska Salmon Bake opens every year on Mother's Day and closes in mid-September.

They have regularly running shuttle buses that pick up tourist from various hotels in the area.

2300 Airport Way
Fairbanks, AK  99701
(907) 452-7274

Things change over time --

We highly recommend calling ahead to verify location & hours of operation.

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