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Alaska Restaurants

( Reader Recommended )

Business Casual -- Fine Dining:


Marx Bros. Cafe, 627 West 3rd St, Anchorage --  A sentence with the words 'Anchorage Fine Dining' isn't complete without the mention of Marx Bros. Cafe. Simply phenonmenal! --  Sandra, Anchorage


The Pump House, 796 Chena Pump Rd, Fairbanks --  Wildly popular restaurant in Fairbanks. Absolutely fantastic food and an awesome view! The food-- casual to fine dining.  The atmosphere-- casual, warm and inviting. A great combination.


Benihana, 1100 W. 8th Ave, Anchorage --  A fantastic Japanese restaurant where they bring out the food and cook it right in front of your table of 8-10 people. I always skip breakfast on days that I know I'm going to Benihana's! You just sit back and slowly eat, eat, eat! -- Brian, Chugiach, AK.


Zach's, 1717 University Ave., Fairbanks -- Zach's is quite possibly the best kept secret in Fairbanks when it comes to eating out. It's inconspicuously located on the 2nd floor of Sophie Station Hotel. Quiet and cozy with nice ambiance and CONSISTENTLY fantastic food. I highly recommend it. The rooms at the hotel are actually quite nice, also! -- Maria, Fairbanks, AK.


The Hotel Captain Cook, 4th & K St, Anchorage --  There are several restaurants inside of this great hotel.  They range from fine dining to casual and I've eaten at ALL of them!  You can't go wrong with any. Sheer decadence throughout the entire hotel. -- M.J., Anchorage, AK


Turtle Club, 2098 Old Steese Hwy, Fairbanks -- Simply the BEST food! That's all I need to say! (oh, one other thing. A little pricy but worth every penny!)


Lavelle's Bistro, 575 First Ave, Fairbanks --  For the discerning wine connoisseur! Exceptional food and endless wine selection.  They even offer scheduled wine tastings. Menu is a bit pricy but worth it. Open only for dinner. --  Hally and Tom, Fairbanks.


The Haute Quarter Grill, Glenn Hwy, Eagle River -- This used to be my favorite place for lunch.  They're no longer open for lunch only for dinner. While the food is still fantastic, plan to drop $60-$70 per couple.  Don't let the location fool you, though! (it's right next to a Brown Jug liquor store!) -- Craig, Eagle River, AK.


The Vallata, Mile 2.5 Goldstream Rd, Fairbanks -- The Vallata is a great restaurant on the outskirts of Fairbanks, in a nice quiet area. More on the fine dining side, it's a nice place to celebrate a special occasion. Great food. -- Elaine Porter, Fairbanks


Casual Dining:


Solstice Bar and Grill, 720 W. 5th Ave, Anchorage -- We found this place in the Westmark Hotel.  Typically we don't care for hotel restaurants because they seem  a little stuffy to us.  But Solstice has a nice comfortable atmosphere with good prices.  We particularly liked their breakfast. -- Bob and Janie K., Seattle, WA.


Glacier Brewhouse, 737 W. 5th Ave, Anchorage -- I travel to Anchorage quite a bit and I usually make it a point to visit the Glacier Brewhouse at least once each trip. I love the brewhouse for it's energized atmosphere (ALWAYS busy), the food and, of course, the great beer! The calamari is some of the best I've ever tasted. The only drawback is that they often have extremely long waits (they've quoted two hours before!) during tourist season. But once you get sat, you're sure to enjoy yourself.-- Bill Y., Cleveland, OH.


Silver Gulch Brewery & Restaurant, 2195 Old Steese Hwy, Fairbanks -- You don't have to worry about getting a fresh beer with your meal at this restaurant -- they brew it on premises!  Ales and lager galore! And their food is phenomenal -- some of the best in Fairbanks. You won't be disappointed. Craig & Tammy, Fairbanks.

Ray's Waterfront, 1316 4th Ave, Seward --  Fabulous, fresh seafood dishes and a great view. You can't go wrong there.


Millennium Hotel brunch, 4800 Spenard, Anchorage --  We never miss a Sunday brunch at the Millennium. They have an extensive buffet line that includes fresh prime rib, omelets to order, crab legs, eggs benedict, fresh fruits and salads and a desert table that seems to never end! It's a bit pricey and the service is hit-or-miss but the food is fantastic. Also, the view overlooks the lake where you can watch the seaplanes taking off and coming in.  Overall a relaxing, enjoyable meal. --  Cara and Jeff, Anchorage, AK.


Moose's Tooth Pub and Pizzeria, 3300 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage --  Absolutely the best pizza in AK!  They also brew their own great beers. Great selections-- you can even combine premium pizzas! I'm not just talkin' half pepperoni, half sausage-- I mean like half blackened halibut and half chicken cordon bleu!  Now that's a pizza! Definitely worth the wait (they're always busy). -- Sam (Samantha), Eagle River, AK.


Doc Water's Pub, 2 Marine Way, Juneau --  They have areas that are fine dining and others that are more casual so I wasn't sure which category to put it under.  But anyway, the whole place is great. Excellent food, live music, great beer. Definitely worth a visit.


Evangelos, 2530 E. Parks Hwy, Wasilla --  Nice restaurant if you're staying in, or simply passing through, Wasilla. It has Greek and Italian influence and its menu is diverse. We are addicted to the artichoke crab dip! --  Ted and Nancy, Palmer, AK.


Jalapeno's Mexican Restaurant, 11823 Old Glenn Hwy, Eagle River -- This is the best Mexican food in all of Anchorage and surrounding areas.  Great food and incredible salsa.  Only thing missing is the tequila! (they don't have a liquor license) but you can get beer/wine.  Other than that it's great. -- Wasilla, AK.


Food Factory, 44 College Rd, Fairbanks --  Awesome cheesesteak sandwiches and wings! - Adam Presling, Fairbanks, AK.


Pizza Man, at the Eagle River/Artillery exit --  Pizza Man is my favorite AK restaurant....because it hasn't changed over all the years!  Still good, still cheap and the same today as it's always been.  That's hard to find! J.C.-- Eklutna, AK.



Fireweed Roadhouse, Mile 288.5 Parks Hwy, Clear, AK -- I am writing this because I found the best burger in all of Alaska. My husband and I went to eat at the Fireweed located at about mp 288 or so on the parks highway last night. The burgers were the best I have eaten in at least 30 years and maybe ever.-- Rebecca Mueller


Pad Thai, 3400 College Rd, Fairbanks, AK -- I'm a college student in Fairbanks and my boyfriend and I go to Pad Thai a couple times a week. It's absolutely our favorite restaurant in town. -- Lena, Fairbanks


Tommy's Burger Stop, 1106 W 29th Pl, Anchorage --  Great Burgers! --  Unknown contributor, Anchorage AK.


Panda Restaurant, 605 E. Northern Lights, Anchorage --  If you're looking for a Chinese restaurant, this is the place to go! Very good food at reasonable prices. --  anonymous


Fresh Sourdough Express, 1316 Ocean Dr, Homer --  An ORGANIC restaurant! I never even knew there were such a thing! They even grow their own herbs. The food was amazing. Open for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Ivory Jack's, 2581 Goldstream Rd, Fairbanks -- I love Ivory Jack's. We go there often and enjoy some good food (mostly bar type food like appetizers but the rest of the menu is tasty as well) and a nice laid back atmosphere. Lots of locals can be found there. The walls are filled with all kinds of things to look at and they have an incredibly large selection of beers. Live music. Worth a try for sure.


Harley's Diner, 2600 Hurst Road, North Pole -- A fun old fashioned diner like the old days! Tasty food and hand-dipped milkshakes. We loved it.


The Bakery, 69 College Rd, Fairbanks -- Not the fanciest place by far but a favorite of we locals. Great place to stop for breakfast at any hour of the day. Really cheap prices and good food. It's always busy so that tells you something. -- Rod Demron, Fairbanks

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