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Are MOOSE dangerous?


First of all--forget Bullwinkle! 


While generally docile, moose can be very dangerous and even deadly.

Some facts to know:


1) NEVER come between a cow and her calf. Just as with bears, a moose cow is extremely protective of her young and, if you find yourself in the middle of them, she will likely react aggressively.


2) When a moose's ears tilt back, it means they are aggrevated.  If you feel they are about to charge at you -- RUN! (this is the opposite from what to do with a bear--running from a bear tells them that you must be dinner!) You should seek out the nearest tree or something similar to hide behind. Although a moose can run faster than a person it cannot run around a tree faster than you can, therefore the tree trunk might protect you.


3) Should the moose get close enough to knock you down, get in the fetal position and play dead. It should eventually walk away.


4) NEVER feed moose and NEVER try to pet them -- they are massive WILD animals, despite their somewhat innocent appearance.


5) A male moose can weigh up to 1,500 pounds and averages 6 feet tall but can get up towards 7 feet! And even if a calf is only a few months old, it could be around 300 pounds. Contrary to what you may expect from such a heavy animal, those long legs can transport a moose very quickly--up to thirty-five miles per hour!




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