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How did Juneau, such a remote location, become the state's capital instead of one of the major cities?

Juneau, Alaska

The town of Juneau is the namesake of Joseph Juneau, a prospector who was one of the men to discover gold in the Gastineau Channel area. Mining made the town flourish and Juneau became a major trading and transportation town.


In 1906, after a decline in whaling and trading, the legislature of Alaska was moved from the territorial capital of Sitka, northeastward to Juneau and maintained the status of Alaska's capital. In 1959, when Alaska became the 49th state of the U.S., Juneau became the state capital, despite the fact that there is not a road that leads to it.  All goods and people must be flown in or come by boat/ferry.


Government jobs make up the vast majority in this remote town.



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