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Why are there cords hanging out

the front of Alaskan cars?

Due to the extremely low winter temperatures in the Interior and further Northward, people must take certain measures in order to keep their cars operable and easy to start. While some people use these methods in southern areas such as Anchorage, you can often get by without them.  In the Interior and Northern areas, they are a must. They include:










-- small electrical heating device which warms the coolant, thereby warming the whole engine. In Alaska, these can be found in most any auto parts store. While they can be installed by you, its usually better to have them installed by a mechanic. The block heater itself is fairly inexpensive - the installation will be the greater expense.





-- a blanket style heater that wraps around the battery and heats it to its core for quick, easy startups.

Oil Pan


-- an alternative to block heaters, this heater is fixed to the outside of the oil pan and heats the oil. It can be easily installed by anyone which saves the time and money of having it installed by a professional. It uses less electricity than a block heater. Some people use both the block heater and the oil pan heater.

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