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Arctic Roadrunner has stood the test of time. Since 1964 they have been serving up some of the best burgers in Alaska.


If you visit this Seward Highway location, you'll get more than just a burger...

Very warm and comfortable, the huge wood burning fireplace, wooden beams and walls of photos will make you feel right at home. One truly gets a feel for the owner's character because their ideals and graciousness are clearly displayed.



Photos adorn the walls on every available space and they've even started populating the ceiling! Photos and tidbits of everyday people who have left the rest of the world and made their homes in Alaska. A short memo on each photo tells of the life of that person. Clearly, the Roadrunner people respect and greatly appreciate life and the lives of others. Not your everyday burger joint!

The menu is somewhat small but you'll surely find a burger to meet your tastes...from the All American burger to the

Pepper Burger to the Mexican Burger, along with the great whoppers listed below:


Kenai Whopper

TWO 1/2 lb patties with lettuce,
 tomato, onion
and mayo;

1/2 mild green pepper
Mozzarella cheese

Not in the mood for beef? No problem! -- grab a salmon burger, a Halibut Burger, a Chicken Breast sandwich, ham or smoked turkey or a grilled cheese sandwich!

Kodiak Islander

1/4 lb. patty with lettuce, tomato,
 onion and mayo, 1/2 mild green pepper;
 and a half slice each of:

bologna /  salami /  ham
 American & Mozzarella cheese

Ttopped with an onion ring!

Sit by the fire and slurp on a hand dipped milk shake! Or, for those who are being
chilled by the Alaskan air, a hot cider should warm you to your toes!

5300 Old Seward Hwy
Anchorage, AK 99518
Tel. (907) 561-1245

Things change over time --

We highly recommend calling ahead to verify location & hours of operation.

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