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 Professional Knife Sharpening Services 


 What We Sharpen

  • Standard Western Style Knives:

  • Japanese Traditional Style Knives

  • Serrated Knives

  • Straight Razors

  • Scissors

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  How We Sharpen  


Standard knives are sharpened on low-speed, water-cooled, Cubic Boron Nitride and Diamond grinding wheels.

Due to the low speed and water cooling, the sharpening produces no heat (unlike belt grinding) that can ruin the hardness and temper of your blade.

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Premium Japanese knives are sharpened by hand (no machines) using either Japanese Water or Diamond stones, depending on the knife and blade material.

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Knife on Diamond Stone 3125.png

All non serrated knives are hand stropped on horse hide strops embedded with .25 micron, Cubic Boron Nitride and then finished on plain horse hide strops.

Knife Strope

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