--Do people still pan for gold in Alaska?


Absolutely! There are still places where you can try your hand at panning!

Many tour packages include a visit to either the El Dorado Gold Mine or Gold Dredge No. 8 mine where you can tour the mine itself and even do some panning at the end of the tour   -- most people leave with a few flakes! Both are open to the general public as well. Supplies are included and at some places food is available as well as a gift shop for picking up souvenirs. For tour fees, reservations and shuttle service information, contact the mine:

El Dorado Gold Mine
local (907) 479-6673


Gold Dredge No. 8 (Fairbanks)
(907) 457-6058


Crow Creek Gold Mine (Girdwood)
(907) 229-3105


Prospector John's (Cooper Landing)
(907) 598-1808

Alaska-Gastineau Mill and Gold Mine Tour
(907) 463-3900



If you're looking for a more rustic and authentic prospecting experience where you are on your own, recreational mining can be done in various "public use" locations:

Hatcher Pass -- just north of Palmer

Kenai Peninsula -- Resurrection Creek, 4.5 miles outside of Hope, AK.

Dalton Hwy -- areas along the long highway that runs between Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay

Deadwood Creek -- about 120 miles NE of Fairbanks -- GPAA claims, members only

Nome Creek -- off mile 57.3 of the Steese Hwy, north of Fairbanks

Petersville Mining Area -- southwest of Denali State Park

Caribou Creek Mining Area -- mile 104 of the Glenn Highway

NOTE: Before recreational mining, you should ALWAYS study up on the state and federal regulations and mining laws for the area you are visiting.

Call  the Alaska Department of Natural Resources at (907) 269-8400 or visit their website.


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